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Welcome to Reston Radiology Consultants

RRC is extremely concerned about our patient's healthcare, time and well being. We will make every effort to make your visit with us as easy as possible. Our sites offer convenient locations, ground level entrances and plenty of parking. By providing our patients with a relaxing and reassuring imaging experience combined with board certified radiologists and registered technologists at our ACR accredited facilities, we will ensure patients that they are receiving exceptional care at RRC.​

Experience Reston Radiology Consultants

Learn from the experiences of others why RRC is "Clearly Better!" Our staff strives to make your visit a positive one. See what our patients have to say.

RRC Patient Portal

If you have completed your initial setup on our Patient Portal (effective November 7, 2017), please click on the login button below to continue:



Accessing the RRC / MRI of Reston Patient Portal:

1. You will receive a welcome email with instructions

2. Click "Sign Up"

3. Enter your date of birth to authenticate

4. You will enter the sign-up page

5. Please update your password, setup your initial reminder settings, etc.

6. Click "Log In" on the confirmation page

7. Select your preferred language (English or Spanish) and you will be redirected to the patient portal 

8. Enter your email address and password, then click "LOG IN"

Once initial sign-up is complete, you will be able to access the patient portal by clicking here.

Most results are available within 24 to 36 hours of your exam. Please note that reports for exams prior to July 2010 will not be displayed. Contact the facility directly for copies of results prior to this date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local facility:

Fair Oaks Imaging Center: 703-385-5203

Loudoun Imaging Center-Ashburn: 571-223-0230

MRI of Reston: 703-478-0922

PET of Reston: 571-577-4142

Patient Portal Login

Request an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment couldn't be easier.  Exam requests can be made online or by calling our office. Please click here for more information.

Breast Imaging Records Request (Priors)

If you are a new patient to one of our sites and are having Mammography and/or Breast Ultrasound exams, we REQUIRE 3-5 years of prior breast imaging (if applicable). You MUST bring the Prior Images or have them at our site the day of your appointment. If you do not have the Prior Imaging then we will need to reschedule any Comprehensive/Diagnostic Mammograms appointments until we have access to those images. The importance of prior imaging when performing these types of Mammograms is based on history of findings previously being followed or at least noted. Without previous images and/or documentation, we could assume a finding would be considered new and drastically change the course of action including multiple additional images, exams, and possibly even an unnecessary biopsy. If you are scheduled for a screening mammogram, bringing prior imaging is not mandatory but is highly recommended for the same reasons as stated above.

We can request these prior images and reports on your behalf. Please sign and fax our Breast Imaging Medical Record Release Form to the fax number provided on the respective form of our facility where you are scheduled. We will submit the request electronically (if the facility allows it) but may need to have prior imaging mailed.  If you are scheduled at:

Fair Oaks Imaging Center, please print this version and fax back to 703-385-3058 as soon as possible.

Loudoun Imaging Center-Ashburn, please print this version and fax back to 571-223-0330 as soon as possible.

Office Policies

To review our office and payment policies, including check-in requirements, please click here. If you have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable staff members at any of our locations.

Online Preregistration

In order to ensure your appointment goes smoothly, we recommend that you preregister online via our Patient Portal.  This will fast-track your check-in on your exam day.  Please contact our offices for any questions or concerns.

Patient Education

Please visit the Patient Education Center for linked resources to learn more about common radiology procedures and treatments.

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